Boudoir Photography is by far my greatest specialty. Its my baby. I've conducted thousands of Boudoir photography sessions and it's about 90% of what I have done for the past 10 of my 16 year photographic career. Why is it important to me? Because I have a sincere respect for the art form that surpasses the obvious, and even more importantly, I feel like it is my greatest gift. If we are lucky in this life, we discover our natural talents, and we run with them. We take them to the moon and back because we make a connection with something bigger than ourselves.

People frequently tell me that I have the greatest job in the world because I photograph half dressed women. They joke about offering to photo assist if I ever need the help. This always makes me smile, but the reality is that I am a dedicated professional artist, who respects the nature of the requested photography. I discovered after my first Boudoir Session, that there is a magic that happens when I photograph women this way. They see themselves in an entirely new manner that reflects a new inner beauty like they never imagined. I take women with a lifetime of insecurities and help them to set those aside, focus on their strengths, and trust me as the artist to minimize their weaknesses. This is why I have photographed thousands of women and have the solid reputation that I do.


I am an open Christian who feels that God gave me physical and spiritual gifts of encouraging others to be their best self. Over the years, women have sought out my Boudoir Photography Services more than any other type. I feel that because of my professional and artistic approach, women naturally feel at ease and the results of the sessions empower women in a truly beautiful way. Because of my Christian morals, I stay grounded and focused on the art form and my goals. Some people may elect to chastise me for being an open Christian who does Boudoir photography. I on the other hand take sincere pride in what I do for a living and find no shame in it. In fact it is the exact opposite. I am extremely proud to be a Christian as well as a Boudoir Photographer.

In Genesis God created Adam and Eve to roam the gardens without clothes and they were perfect in His sight. It wasn't until the serpent deceived them into disobeying God that they felt embarrassed for being naked. I personally see nothing wrong with artistically documenting Gods greatest creation of the human body through photographic art. Some of the greatest artists in the History of the world, painted Men and Women frolicking naked, and it is some of the most valued and respected art to date. I remember taking figure drawing classes in College where we would illustrate individuals completely naked. In my opinion, there is no shame regarding our bodies under God or as an artist of the human figure. The individuals you see on my website are proud and confident in who they are and who God created them to be. All photographs published, have had voluntary written permission so that I can showcase my greatest work, in order to advertise my services. All of my clients have a choice regarding if these images can be used in this manner and will not influence the quality of the photographic session.


Boudoir photography is a sexy and glamorous style of photography that takes place on location, or in a studio setting. Women are traditionally dressed discretely in lingerie, sexy outfits, costumes, or nude. These sessions are either gifted to a significant other or done as an ego boost for individuals. These photo sessions are not strictly for women. Individual Men, as well as couples, frequently come to me for these services as well.

My professional photography studio in located in downtown Wilmington near Front and Market St. Not only do I have the studio sets but I also have a private outdoor patio to shoot in as well. There are also many other locations in close proximity to my Wilmington Studio that are discrete by nature and yet artistically unique.

If you are looking for the absolute BEST Boudoir photographer that has your interests in mind, and brings out your inner 'Wild at Heart', I would be honored to be your photographer. My art, premium service and showcasing your absolute best-self photographically, are my highest priority.

Be sure to check out my Boudoir Portfolio, Boudoir FAQ, Sample Album #1, Sample Album #2, as well as my Boudoir Packages. If you have any additional questions or would like to reserve a session then please call or email. 919-995-5158 or Thanks for your consideration and I hope to work with you soon.